We love to see our patient’s progress and measure the correction of the spine that occurs as a result of our spinal correction programs and can be measured with follow-up x-rays. This is why it very important to take post x-rays as patients continue through their corrective plans. However, we also go through all of the symptoms that are identified in the initial consultation and document the changes that the patient has experienced along with the corrections in the spine and posture.

Suffering from Scoliosis, I stumbled upon Dr. Little and Dr. Kellogg at Functional Wellness Center. Check out my story in the video.


Patient # 1 

This patient was a 52-year-old male with who was experiencing fatigue, cold hands, and poor sleep. The picture labeled “before” depicts the x-rays taken before we started him on a program. The second x-ray below is following his program where his symptoms were alleviated and a clear improvement was made in his neck.

Patient 2 

This patient is a 46 year old female with neck pain, arm pain, allergies, fatigue, and frequent colds. We put her on a program to bring correct her neck. This is a common occurrence with technology forcing our heads in a downward position constantly. You can see the massive improvement she saw in the position of her neck resulting in improvements with the symptoms identified above.

Patient 3 

The below x-rays are from a 17-year-old male with tension headaches, dizziness, cold hands, right arm tingling, neck pain, upper back pain. The x-ray is showing the neck from a different angle, straight on and some different symptoms associated. With a consistent chiropractic program, we were able to bring his neck back in alignment to eliminate the symptoms he was experiencing.

Patient 4 

An 18 year old female with low back pain, hip pain, cold feet, bowel dysfunction, bladder dysfunction, UTI’s, irregular cycles.